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Field Department Top Ten Bare Root Plants

The open ground staff were asked to pick their top 10 bare root species that they deal with year after year. After several minutes of discussion, it soon became apparent that there were many favourites among the group in several different shapes and sizes but surprisingly varities with the same colours were being mentioned.

Agapanthus, Geraniums, Iris’ and Salvias were the hot topic among the group with the blue varieties coming out favourites across the board.

Close behind the blues were the pink varieties of Phlox, Hemerocallis and Paeonia. Yellows and whites were the other colours they liked too with Geum Poco being a favourite with the majority of the group. Iris  unguicularis was a popular choice because of it being winter flowering.

Our open ground teams’ Top 10 list of plants are as follows;

1: Geum 'Poco'

2: Paeonia 'Agida'

3: Geranium 'Blue Cloud'

4: Ligularia 'Othello'

5: Agapanthus 'Torbay'

6: Phlox 'Lucs Lilac'

7: Hemerocallis 'Cranberry Baby'

8: Salvia 'Marcus'

9: Iris 'unguicularis'

10: Astilbe 'Weisse Gloria'

They also went on to explain why they think they are great additions to a collection. They said with the different range of varieties they have chosen you have many different flowering heights and foliage colours.

The Paeonia, Agapanthus and Ligularia are all tall flowering plants.You also get dark foliage with the Ligularia and the Paeonia and you get a different range of green foliage with the Hemerocallis and the Geum.

Written by Matthew Garrord. Field Department Stock figures.

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