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Plant Passports: Are You Ready?

Plant Passporting - ARE YOU READY?
On 14th December 2019 plant passporting changes become law - this affects everybody involved in professional Horticulture including all Garden Designers and Landscapers. The law states that all Professional Operators should make themselves known to the Plant Health Authorities by this date. In addition there are regulations in regard to maintaining plant records if you want to know more follow this link for a quick and easy summary


Plant Passporting – What is Howard Nurseries doing:

Every batch label will have on the reverse side the Plant passport as required by law. For garden centre customers the plant passports will be printed on the back of the colour slot pot labels. We will also print the traceability code on your invoice.


Plant Passporting – What you need to do:

For plants delivered by Howard Nurseries for direct sales to the end user, you only have to keep our invoice to be able to prove traceability. You will of course need to take care of your own plant passporting responsibilities.

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