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You can place orders by phone, email or post. We issue looking good and stock lists on a regular basis. They are designed like an order form so you can simply fill them out and send them back to our sales team.

You can download our latest stock and looking good lists below. For prices or to be included on our regular mailings send your details to our sales team.

Download General Stock List (Excel) 

16th April 2020 


Download General Stock List (PDF)

16th April 2020


Download Looking Good List (Excel)

7th May 2020 

Download Looking Good List (PDF) 

7th May 2020 

Please click on the link to see our photo gallery for

SAMPLE Looking Good List.

Click Here 

We'll start making photo's of the actual crop development again later in the season. 

  Our 2 litre list suitable for landscape or garden design customers is now

incorporated in our General Stock List above.

You will find our complete stock of 9cm, 2L and Field Grown stock in one list, when available. 


Order online - coming soon!

Soon you will be able to see our availability and place order requests online.

Keep checking our website for more details.

From Tuesday 24th March – please email Aaron on sales@howardnurseries.co.uk for order enquires. Please don’t phone ...

General Nursery Worker vacancies.

We are looking for new full time or part time colleagues in three departments: Field, Containers ...

Should you wish to make a donation in memory of David, please follow the link below:

https://david-howard2.muchloved.com ...

On 14th December 2019 plant passporting changes become law.
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