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Field Production

Our Open Ground team look after around 65 acres of our field grown, bare-rooted perennials. The plants themselves are planted by either a planting or dibbing machine. Your smaller bare root orders will be dug manually and larger orders are lifted by machine.

Weed control is an important part of our production process. Many of our plants related to species targeted by herbicides which is why we employ tractor and hand hoeing instead. We also rotate our fields with arable crops allowing us to use different herbicides to clean the land.

Irrigation is provided by 3 boreholes and our on-site reservoir distributed via hydrants.


We pride ourselves on offering plants which are true to name. We propagate the majority of our own products and a small percentage are brought in as weaned tissue culture plugs which allows us to have complete control over our propagation.

We operate a strict ‘rogueing’ programme amongst our beds to remove any plants which aren’t true to type. The key to this programme is our propagation team, see right, who are based in our 35m x 33m Cambridge glasshouse. They produce the cuttings and plugs which grow into our stock.

Container Production

We have 5 beds consisting of gravel over Mypex, complete with concrete roadways for easy access. We also have 4 polythene tunnels which provide protection from the weather as well as shade tunnels to help harden off plants ready for sale.

100% of our irrigation is provided by our 2 reservoirs distributed via a pressure system to overhead irrigators. All run off is collected and filtered back into the reservoirs using both sand filters and natural Norfolk Reeds. All water is treated using chlorine to prevent the build- up of silicates and harmful pathogens.

We use a Javo potting machine for most of our 9cm, 2 Litre and 5 Litre pots, only hand potting where necessary. Peat reduced compost is delivered in bulk, ready mixed with 20% bark, Exemptor (for preventing vine weevil) and foliar pest control.

Our fantastic nursery team has around 40 full time members of staff with additional support from seasonal workers during busy periods. They are the ones who grow and sell the plants and take a personal interest making sure everything looks fantastic when it leaves the site ready for your garden.

Job vacancies for : General Nursery workers

We are looking for new colleagues who can do manual work in various departments ...

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Howard Nurseries are pleased to announce Marcel Willems has joined the company as Operations Manager.


Howard Nurseries is committed to promoting the next generation into work.
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